Changes to the Blog

Hallo Ihr Lieben,
lange habt ihr nichts mehr von uns gehört, aber das wollen wir jetzt endlich ändern. Meine Schwester und ich haben uns einige Änderungen überlegt, die wir so nach und nach in die Tat umsetzen werden. Eine davon ist, dass wir ab sofort auf Englisch schreiben werden, da wir viele englisch- und französischsprachige Freunde haben, die ganz traurig waren, dass sie zwar die schönen Bildchen ansehen durften, aber nichts von unserem Geschreibsel verstehen konnten. Wir bitten um euer Verständnis.  Solltet ihr etwas nicht verstehen, schreibt uns, wir übersetzen dann gern oder vielleicht schreiben wir in der Zukunft dann zweisprachig.
So, here we go: As of now, we will be continuing our blog in English. As we are German mother tongued, we apologize for all our future mistakes in advance 😉 but we are sure that you wont be too upset about them. As many of our friends were not able to read our writings here, we decided to change the language.
There will be other changes as well, for example we will work on the look of this blog and insert pictures of some of our own makings to the background, etc. We are also working on a logo, etc. to build our own brand. Stay tuned for more 🙂
Due to the bad wheather, easter vacation and some sicknesses in our families, we were not able to work on the soccer goals at the moment. And Georgie got her bachelor degree in architecture, so now she is taking some time to enjoy her newly found freedom and is working a little bit at the side. But we will continue to work on them and let you know all about them as soon as possible. We also have a few other projects in mind that could be interesting for you.
I’m currently working on sewing… I never did anything else 😉 and I will show you my current project soon in a new post.
Take care and thanks for your patience 🙂
Mandana & Georgia
PS: our blog name is German and it means: 《everything will be beautiful》Listen to the pronounciation here:

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