New bag from my last pattern

Okay, I know. My last post about me making bags and bag patterns was made a looong time ago. But I still use this pattern every once in a while to make a new bag.

Like this time, I just wanted a small, cozy little bag that carries all I need to have with me when I am going to work, going to the city, etc. However, I don’t like them too small, so this is the perfect size for me. Actually, just a little bit bigger would even be better.


Oh and by the way, the blouse you see in the back was also made by me (yeah, what else 😉 ) But the pattern is from Christine Haynes, the “Sassy Librarian Blouse”. So cute, take a look:


No wait, there has got to be a better picture somewhere:


Yes, that’s my granny! I made one for me and she liked it so much, I decided to make her one too. Isn’t she cute?

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